Marialy Pacheco & Rhani Krija

88 keys which occasionally transform into drums in this dialogue with a whole arsenal of diverse percussion instruments.

Rhani Krija is one of those percussionists who is great at listening and who reacts and shapes his performance accordingly as he plays. He is creative with a sense for nuances and he is downright elegant and tasteful. These characteristics have brought him to play alongside greats like Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, Vince Mendoza, Prince and Sting.

In the summer of 2013, Rhani Krija meets Marialy Pacheco for the first time and both musicians get along instantly - personally and musically. It was immediately clear, that Rhani Krija added his very own musical style to Marialy’s compositions and arrangements. Together they create the program „Marocuba“ and are touring all over the world.


„Mambo Inn - Live at Moods Zurich“

„Sonrieme – Live at Moods Zurich“

Making of „Duets“ – Episode 5