New Album „RELOAD“ – out now –

“Marialy Pacheco has blossomed into one of the key players of her generation. Her signature velvety personal touch at the keyboard, nimble dexterity and absolute command of the instrument shine throughout her new album RELOAD” 

(Michel Camilo)


“A moment in time that will never materialize again…”    

Back in the ‘90s in Cuba, when I was about 18 years old, I had a VHS tape of Omar Sosa playing an open-air concert for thousands of people. His playing was enchanting. And I watched that video almost every day, absorbing as much as I could, mesmerized by his art, never imagining that many years later I was going to be seated at a piano across from him on stage, playing together, learning from him, sharing life stories, and calling him friend.

We are from different generations yet we have the same aesthetic when it comes to music and how we approach our Duo. No words are needed when we play together. There is an instant connection, a musical understanding and a deep sense of trust which is so important, especially since we are constantly creating as we go, musical moments vanishing as soon as they arise.

And for me that makes this album so precious. We captured on record a unique evening, a moment in time that will never materialize again in the exact same way, an extraordinary experience that you now get to be part of.

Marialy Pacheco

„DUETS“ featuring Omar Sosa, Hamilton de Holanda, Joo Kraus, Max Mutzke, Rhani Krija & Miguel Zenon

“For me, a Piano is like 88 drums. Whenever you play with Marialy, the energy of those 88 drums evolves into 88 smiles …or 88 flowers.”  


I would like to explain the general concept of this album and my personal approach in the process of choosing the songs: The artists on this album, are not only artists that I have always admired, but also artists with a very strong and defined musical identity. I stepped into their musical world, chose a tune that spoked to me and arranged it for a Duo, always keeping in mind the authenticity of the artist. It was a beautiful process and the result is magical: Each song has a very distinctive sound, each artist is represented as they are. It is very honest.

Marialy Pacheco

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