Marialy Pacheco & Max Mutzke

Max Mutzke’s soulful and melancholy Songs in their purest form: Without Band or electronics, but rather concentrated on the intimate dialog with the elegant piano playing from Marialy Pacheco.

Born in Cuba, Pacheco is considered one of the most versatile and brilliant jazz pianists of the younger generation. The encounter with Max Mutzke and his irresistible soul voice came together in the context of her album “Duets”. From this collaboration the program “Unsere Nacht” was born.

A program crafted with care and finesse, embroidered with the colours of jazz and deeply rooted in the essence of two extraordinary artists.


Live at „Hope @ Home“ – mit Daniel Hope

Live-Stream „Leverkusener Jazztage“

„Unsere Nacht“


Copyright: Klaus Polkowski

Marialy Pacheco Trio “RELOAD”

Marialy Pacheco – Piano
Juan Camilo Villa – Bass
Miguel Altamar – Drums

With “RELOAD”, Marialy Pacheco is dropping her twelfth album and her actually most touching and mature work and project. Her cuban roots are growing in the direction of Latin American traditions and the influences from classical music.
The music is authentic and yet contemporary and she is accompanied congenially by the two musicians from Colombia, Juan Camillo Villa on bass and Miguel Altamar on drums. The sum of these line up and the many musical parts are unique and expresses, in particular, Marialy’s artistic character, making her feelings immediately accessible to each and everyone who listens to her music. “RELOAD” is a melting-pot of various musical identities and a treasure trove of many life experiences

Making of „RELOAD”
„Paseo en 6/8“
“Cartagena Bliss”

Marialy Pacheco & Omar Sosa

Four hands and four feet in an crazy and absurd interplay between forte and pianissimo, between wild rides on the ivory and careful fingertip ways.
50 % lies in the hands of Marialy Pacheco. Her sensuous play resembles a unique blend from traditional cuban music and contemporary jazz.
The other 50 % is Omar Sosa. Like no other, he knows how to bring together latin jazz and african spiritualism, european classic style and the sounds of the American west coast.
An absolutely perfect combination of 2 musical partners in a deep, inner bow to the big musical values of their native country cuba.

„Angustiado – Live at Beethovenhaus Bonn“

„Glu-Glu – Live at Beethovenhaus Bonn“

Making of „Duets“ – Episode 1

Marialy Pacheco & Joo Kraus

Marialy Pacheco and Joo Kraus – amusical encounter with explosion and implosion at the same time: introverted, playful, expressive, sparkling.
Since 2016, they give concerts together at national and international festivals and concert halls, such as Montreux Jazz Festival, Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club, Aalen Jazz Festival, Jazz Festival Viersen, Beethoven Festival Bonn,Jazz Festival Havana, Jazz Festival Haiti and Philharmonic Luxembourg.
This unique combination makes a fresh, new sound – the result is a mixture of traditional cuban music, afro-cuban rhythms, funkjazz, electronic effects and groovy club sounds.


„Tokyo Call – Live at Montreux Jazzfestival“

„Blues – Live at Montreux Jazzfestival“

Making of „Duets“ – Episode 3

Marialy Pacheco & Rhani Krija

88 keys which occasionally transform into drums in this dialogue with a whole arsenal of diverse percussion instruments.

Rhani Krija is one of those percussionists who is great at listening and who reacts and shapes his performance accordingly as he plays. He is creative with a sense for nuances and he is downright elegant and tasteful. These characteristics have brought him to play alongside greats like Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, Vince Mendoza, Prince and Sting.

In the summer of 2013, Rhani Krija meets Marialy Pacheco for the first time and both musicians get along instantly – personally and musically. It was immediately clear, that Rhani Krija added his very own musical style to Marialy’s compositions and arrangements. Together they create the program „Marocuba“ and are touring all over the world.


„Mambo Inn – Live at Moods Zurich“

„Sonrieme – Live at Moods Zurich“

Making of „Duets“ – Episode 5

Marialy Pacheco & Orchestra

Danzón Cubano: Symphonic Latin Jazz.
A blend of Marialy Pacheco’s Trio, trumpet player Joo Kraus and a symphony orchestra.
With this combination, Marialy Pacheco playfully and expertly climbs new musical heights; reaches a new world; a new mix; a dance of sound between Cuban and classical music.
Melodies glisten, waves of harmonies explode; and suddenly all of our senses are awoken.
For this project she brings music from her Cuban roots, from Central America and her own compositions, arranged for the orchestra by herself together with composer and conductor Gordon Hamilton.
Danzón Cubano is a project to be experienced. Music with mainstream potential but without the risk of ever becoming a bore. Magnificent artistry, full of energy which you can easily keep up with and in which brilliance is maintained in every single beat.


„Sale el Sol – Live at Jazzfestival Viersen“

„El Manisero – Live at Jazzfestival Viersen“

„Tres Lindas Cubanas – Live at Jazzfestival Viersen“

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